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All of Regal's products are made by Fly Tiers and Anglers for Fly Tiers and Anglers. Apart from Regal's Pro Staff and their invaluable design input, they have an entire staff of knowledgeable tiers helping them design and manufacture their fly tying vises. All of their Fly Tying Vises and Fly Tying Accessories are are manufactured and hand crafted at their facility in Orange Massachusetts, U.S.A.



  • Handmade in the United States

  • Refined for superb performance

                                                            Head Styles
       Traditional                  Big Game                Stainless Steel                 Midge

The Traditional head has been the standard jaw and the workhorse of Regal fly tying equipment for many years. It fits hook sizes 22 to 1/0.

The Big Game head is specifically built to tie saltwater and large fresh water flies. It can accommodate hook sizes from 22 to 5/0, and features two hook grooves machined into one side of the jaw. 

The Stainless Steel Head is the smallest profile head in the Regal line. The jaw is manufactured from heat-treated stainless steel and accommodates hook sizes from 32 to 2 

With and ergonomically designed forefront, the Midge head is specially designed for tying small flies down to size 32 and as big as size 6 but allows for tying traditional sized flies as well.

Base Styles
Bronze Pocket
Aluminum Pocket

The aluminum pocket base is not suggested for use with the Big Game and Stainless Steel heads and is not an option when ordering.

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