Hello and welcome to the BaitShopBrothers website "POWERED BY" fishingcny.com. We are three brothers and the proud operators of Mickey's Live Bait & Tackle Shop located in Syracuse New York. Mickey's has been a longstanding tradition and is well enamored in the Central New York fishing community.


Located at 715 S Bay Road in North Syracuse, NY, Mickey’s caters primarily to the Oneida Lake fisheries, the Finger Lakes reigon, Lake Ontario salmon fisheries, and the beautiful Adirondack Mountain lakes of northern New York. That also includes all of the above's tributaries. Oneida lake is the largest inland freshwater lake in New York State, most noted for it’s excellent Walleye, Yellow Perch and Smallmouth Bass populations.
In an era of mega-retailers and category killer stores, the bait shop stands alone as a place where friendly service and a home style atmosphere have survived. When someone asks us,“Where they bitin?”, we don’t reply, “In aisle 4”. Where else can you go “smell the bait”, hear the bubbling minnow tanks and listen to smelly old fisherman spit out tales of yesteryear. Going to a bait shop is truly an interactive experience, and is synonymous to fishing as computers are to the World Wide Web. 


This aint no reality TV show however. Not enough conflict. We do get it though, you want to be entertained by the bad guys but in your heart, you like to buy from the nice guys.  Well you've come to the right place. Here at BaitShopBrothers our goal is to offer products that are not available in the “big places”. Not only is our service and knowledge a credit to our success, we are proud brothers who care about providing great service and great products to our customers while making sure they are happy with their purchase. 


If you like to fish and are looking for products that will help you catch more fish, I’m sure you will find something here. If there's something really special you're looking for, give us a call or send us an email message. We may have it in stock and if you're not in a hurry, we can just about order anything for you. 


If you know others who like to fish, please tell them about this site. You may want to keep BaitShopBrothers in your favorite places as we will be constantly adding new items and services in the future. On behalf of my brothers and I, we would like to thank you again for stoppin by.




The middle-man of the brothers, age fifty-something!. Favorite Fishing: Oneida Lake Walleye & Perch. Also enjoys playing disc-golf and the electric bass. 




The elder wise man of the brothers, age sixty-something!. Favorite Fishing: Fly-Fishing for all species. Also enjoys fly-tying, camping and many other outdoor activities. Al is a licensed New York State fishing guide.




The baby brother, age fifty-something!. Favorite Fishing: All kinds. Local Carp fishing guru. Also enjoys playing disc-golf and the electric guitar.

Mickey's Live Bait & Tackle Shop
 715 S Bay Rd, North Syracuse, NY 13212
315-458-7998 • baitshopbros@gmail.com
"Because you like to buy from the little guy"